mighty-1284p - positive review on 64-bit Windows machines.

Just setup 1.0.6 on two 'different' computers: my Lenovo W530 with Win7 Pro, and MrsCrossRoads' W530 with Win8.1 (W530 just purchased 'lightly used' from an IT guru at a northeast company who did a fresh restore of 8.0 when we picked it up, which she's upgraded to 8.1 over the last couple of weeks).

(We have W530 because it's got a very good Core i7 vPro processor/memory (8 core?) mine i7-3840 2.8GHz, 8 GB hers i7-3720QM 2.6GHz, 19 GB? - no Control Panel/Device Manager for the 'expected' view of things but even better with the 15.5" screen is the keypad WITHOUT a number pad to make the alphanumeric keypad offcenter, a mouse pad with real buttons vs buried in the touchpad with no sense of feel, and real-feeling keys vs the chiclet-crap buttons found on so many computers these days.)

Mine deleted 1.0.5 as part of the install (which I was not expecting, as my older Sony Vaio with Win Vista never did that, and I have versions going back to -0018 I think, maybe -0022, up to 1.0.5 on that machine). Hers did not have any IDE installed.

We both then downloaded mighty-1284p that Jack Christensen has taken on maintaining: https://github.com/JChristensen/mighty-1284p The installation directions might suffer from a cut & paste error in step 6:

  1. The following folders and files should now exist: sketchbook\hardware\mighty-1284p\bootloaders

I don't think 'sketchbook' should be in the path for the list of folders.

We just have the files in Program Files (x86): Arduino:hardware:mighty-1284P

Started the IDE, selected Tools:Board:Bobuino. Plugged in a FT232 equipped Bobuino. Selected Tools:Serial Port and picked the new COM port that appeared.

Opened up blink & downloaded on mine; ran as expected. Opened up blink on hers, changed the time and downloaded; ran as expected.

Both have 9/16/14 dated files in the Arduino/drivers/FTDI USBDrivers folder.

Checked the FTDI driver revs: I have from 7/12/2013. I set up my driver last summer when I got the computer. Hers has from 8/26/14. She did not set up any driver, somehow Windows acquired it.