migration sketch from IDE 1.0 to IDE 1.5 or higher...

some time ago I wrote a sketch in IDE1.0. Now I would like to add some functionalities to the same sketch. I opened sketch with IDE 1.5 but when I pressed verify button there were a million of errors. Some of them were understandable to me, others not. Sketch includes a few libraries which are pretty old, so a lot of errors are caused by libraries. Is there any way to somehow migrate a sketch and libraries from an old to a new environment or is it better to forget that and install IDE 1.0 again?

Thanks a lot for your answers,
Matjaz D.

sketch has about 3400 lines so it has probably no sense to post it.

Click Reply, and Attach the sketch (not zipped please). Provide links to the libraries as well.

Not to step on CrossRoads' toes, but I have both 1.0.5 and 1.6.7. use the older IDE for older boards and the same with newer boards.

Hi CrossRoads,
The sketch is in attached txt file. It was designed to drive heating system of two different stoves, thermal cell (1000 litres hot water buffer) and electric heater for sanitary water. Now I would like to adapt it with code for driving also solar energy and add some other functionality. Please take in mind that I am not a programmer by profession so the code is not optimised but it work. Comments are in Slovenian language so they will probably not help a lot.
Libraries were downloaded from internet a few years ago, if you need them I can share them in my GoogleDrive.
Thanks a lot.

Matjaz D.

TempControl.txt (109 KB)