Migration SPIFFS to LittleFS question

I have some old running project on esp2866, using filesystem SPIFFS. Basically, it is web-server, using files in filesystem as templates for html-files. Now, since SPIFFS is going to obsolete, I am trying to migrate to LittleFS. This is what I have done:

  1. Have replaced "include FS.h" with "include LittleFS.h"
  2. Have replaced all instances of SPIFFS (like SPIFFS.begin(), SPIFFS.open(), and so on) with LittleFS.
  3. Project is compilable now, load it to the board
  4. Run Sketch Data Upload to upload my files to the board filesystem.

I've got message "File not found" on my webpage.
Another hint: I see Arduino environment is loading spiffs image, not LittleFS, see screenshot.

Arduino ver 1.8.11, esp8266 SDK version is 2.7.4.

What I am doing wrong? How to enforce Arduino to load filesystem image as LittleFS, not a spiffs?

Ok, just got it working.
I had to download and install another tool to upload files to esp8266 filesystem from here: link.
Done and it works now.
Thank you to everybody :slight_smile:

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