Mikroe Ozone 2-Click Load Resistance Question

I got a hold of a Mikroe Ozone 2-Click sensor that I would like to use with an Arduino MEGA. At first glance, this is easy to do because both the SPI pins and the analog output pins can be used with an Arduino, but I will be using the analog output pins because I will be recording the data via a microSD module, which requires use of the only four SPI pins available on the Arduino.
The sensor comes with a little potentiometer to adjust the load resistance for calibration, but nowhere on the datasheet does it indicate how to determine the load resistance itself, which I need in order to calculate the resistance of the sensor, which changes with respect to ozone concentration. (There is a log plot of resistance versus ozone concentration on the MQ-131 datasheet that I will put to use once I can get resistance readings.) I would use a mikroeBUS if I could, which has a library to easily convert sensor readings to ozone concentration in ppm, but I am working on a limited budget and largely with components I already have.
Have any of you been able to determine the load resistance of the potentiometer on the Ozone 2-Click?

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