Boys :

KNOW that this current technology is NOT " state-of-the-art " . 16 MHZ clocks , 8 BIT busses ? Video games like PACMAN , GALAGA , ROBOTRON had multi-processor bussing that incorporated the likes of 85000 , 6502 processors ! Pipelining of the signals , was the KEY . PARALLEL PROCESSING !

THAT technolgy was the 1970's ; Babe ! 8 bit busses , 16 Meg clocks , ..... What a laugh .

ALL of the OLD 8 bit IC's that was ready to throw away , are ALL coming back into play . NEW technology ; NOPE ! ( Don't be fooled ! )

Only if the Arduino 2560 MEGA was available back then ! ( Circa 1980 )

Nearly EVERY Arduino program seen uses really long ( greater than 300Msec ) DELAYS somewhere within . WHY ? This FREE programming SPACE is best used elsewhere ; my point .....

MILITARY applications of the hardware had the performance " Throughput Delay " propogations testing of ANY device warranted . A simple IMPULSE measurement of an INPUT , the traverse time , thru to the OUTPUT measured in NanoSeconds . Singular gates or complex CPU processors . Simple enough .


The HARDWARE devices had an actual FIXED time value as to their acquisition of a DATA value upon the initial impulse command . As most of these " smart devices " had an internal data LATCH incorporated , the devices could be " triggered " upon a signal to DO their thing while the software DID something else except WAITING around for an output from the triggered device afore mensioned . When the triggered device had performed its operation , it would provide a hardware level INTERRUPT ( latched ) that would be dealt with in the order of the main program .

Simple stuff that hasn't changed since the 8080 days . BUT : The MILSPEC programming does something a bit different ...........

Having MEASURED the response times of the peripheral devices of the system ( to the NanoSecond ) , commonly addressed device propogation lengths to exercise their respective routines ; can be used as " program delay functions " for other sub-routines of the major program .

MULTI-TASK by filling up the TIME SLOTS normally used by , : " DELAY commands " ! Gotta use triggering FLAGS .

FREE THE ARDUINO ! The I/O pins anyway . DO the APPS in " hardware " to MAKE IT SO . ( Jean Luc Picard ) Dedicate this ; MICRO-CONTROLLER to its task . Unlike its larger brother of a " Central Processing Unit " ( CPU ) . Get over the difference between these guys .

MILSPEC may not be necessarily superior to any others ; BUT they are BETTER FUNDED than anyone else !

Hardware guys had to deal with along the way .........................

The " Software Guys " used to fill in the tiny TIME SLOTS in the programming . Apparently , projects are still flying !

What you are describing is merely the "Blink without delay" code example, many of us use that regularly and we attemtpt initiate newbies into it as well.

BLINK without Delay ? A lot of us did in the 1st Iraq War Opening Night .

Kind Sir . One of the projects at LRS Houston was the SCUD shooting Patriot ABM . When , in the famous 1991 green night vision news clip when one " actually turned 30 degrees " to intercept the SCUD , there were a LOT of us that were surprised !

My little part was the STEPPER motor gimbal thingy . Did it in EPROM 1 - ( E ^ (-T/RC)) !

GPS was about 4 years later .....................Dude .

Britain , WAS next on the platter .

ARDUINOS are a great controller . I LUV 'em ! Please don;t understand .

Ok, then I guess we're in agreement.

Here I am wondering if the OP is actually Dennis Markuze/David Mabus, somehow "on leave" (ugh)? Or maybe the OP is a SPAM author? The weird formatting, the random capitalizations, the misspelled wording, the general ranting tone...hmm.


cr0sh: Here I am wondering if the OP is actually Dennis Markuze/David Mabus, somehow "on leave" (ugh)? Or maybe the OP is a SPAM author? The weird formatting, the random capitalizations, the misspelled wording, the general ranting tone...hmm.


Battle fatigue maybe? War wound? ;)

Either way I respect anyone who actually served in a combat zone.


Boys :

Sorry for the " rant " that retroLefty amuzed to . I was not aware of the mis-schpelling though . Canadian ; Eh ? The " other-side-of-the-trax " cousins that you guys tend to forget about unless the BUCK is around par ! Then you tend to worry ; a LOT .

Only to be known that the team at LRS did some stuff back then to make those little 1 inch steel cubes within the nose cone , disperse ; kinda " on demand " . SCUDs begone . Testing in Northern Alberta that spring whereby the Patriots were launched from the bellies of the B-52's only yielded the same old reponse . The " guidance " was dubious at best . Cold Lake Alberta is not so cold in the summer . The NEW CF-18's were cool to watch ; and one CAN actually fit 7 city busses in an end-wise fashion within the cargo bay of a B-52 . 174 ft. 10 in. wingspan to boot .

Lefty is right in assuming that I was NOT there in Iraq . He is also right in assuming that this corrospondence is a type of " war wound " . The wound is ONLY of the heart though . It has to do with ALL of our boys and girls that HAD TO serve over there in the first place . George's " weapons of MASS distraction " . OIL , OIL , OIL babes . Look at the NEWS tonight and SEE what is next for a SECURE SUPPLY to Canada's OIL legacy and about how that will be reaped . ( read RAPED ) XLPipeline thru Nebraska's water aquifer . ( state wide aquifer ) Now , that is the raping of the land !

George Custer and the rest of the 6th Cav is rolling over in their graves as the pipeline goes right past the knoll ! What a shame .

I need another " single malted " . Later Gents . This was a funny THREAD . Kudos !


Please beware that this stuff IS being monitored . Funny about just how sensitive the Information from the Military Channel on the satellite IS !

My previous comments about Cold Lake Alberta ; great fishing ! SOuth of town about 45 Km is the area .

CF-18's . The Horneys . Yeah . They show up in town every once in awhile on a refuelling thing between CFB Comox and Calgary .

7 busses fitting into a B-52 ? Some guy on SPIKE TV did it a few weeks ago ! I didn;t think that there was that much room in there . 174 ft. 10 inch wingspan is published in JANES .

Gimme a break .

BEING BLOCKED from a lot of websites including this one for the past hour or so is a VIOLATION of my rights though . Foriegn country Email destined to another foreign country , NONE of it within the USA ?

Confused at best . Maybe this thread is NOT so funny after all !

Yep, I remember those B52s, man did I have a crush on Kate and Cindy. Private Idaho, rock lobster, 53 Miles west of venus, whatever had happened during the daytime, hearing those songs on my tiny walkman (it never really walked by the way) assured I could sleep at night and had the sweetest dreams.

Anyway, whut was I talking about ?

Is this an example of windtalking, google translated from Navajo to English, and back to English via Japanese?

OIL , OIL , OIL babes


and one CAN actually fit 7 city busses in an end-wise fashion within the cargo bay of a B-52 .

A B-52 does not have a cargo bay it has a bomb bay and you would not be able to get even one large mini-van in there. I did hear stories about an MG being smuggled in one (probably an urban myth) but even that would have been a tight fit.

Edit: Here's a picture I found. The photographer was standing with his back at one end and with his feet on the tarmac, not on a ladder.


The BUFF's* bomb-bay is only 2.5 metres wide. Those are pretty narrow buses.

  • It is Big, it is Ugly, but it isn't all that Fat. I have no idea what the other F stands for.

Flyer, of course :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Of course! I thought it was "Fellow"

Or some other two syllable word that starts with F…

I think we all knew that, but didn’t want to be so obvious.

Trying to make a pun sorry.

I recall going to a U.S. Air Force air show at a local base about 15 years ago. They had a B-52 on display that you could walk under/around. One doesn't get a good idea of the size until your under one looking up. The inboard spoilers seem as big a barn doors.

I saw a documentary once on the BUFF and it explained about a new classified (at the time) feature when the plane was first released, the landing gears are able to rotate on their vertical axis to help with high cross wind landings. Then they showed a landing where the plane was pointing about 5 degrees or more from the center landing strip so the pilot had to look sideways out the window as he landed, it was really something to watch. I can see where that would be a desirable feature as the side cross sectional area of this plane would present quite a challenge to cross winds.

And of course the great movie Dr. Strangelove has many shots based around the plane.


As I recall they could crab up to 20 degrees or so.

Here's a good YouTube video of a crosswind landing:

I don't recall my reactions to the exterior shots of the B-52 in Dr. Strangelove but the interior shots didn't look like any B-52 that I ever saw, and I saw just about all of the C and D models.