Millenove looks like board

I received an Arduino board which looks like this: (see the atachement)

It has a CP210x USB to UART bridge on board.
I installed the driver from Silicon Labs and it took com4:

So all looks ok.

When I insert the USB cable Windows shows the COM4 port in the device manager.

When I try to upload the sketch to this board it hangs and stays there for a about a minute and gives this message :

Binary sketch size: 2.474 bytes (of a 30.720 byte maximum) - 8% used
avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

Who can help me?


unknown board.jpg

Since this board is not an official Arduino, it's anybody's guess as to what bootloader is installed in it.

You may need to keep trying different board types in the tools menu, until you find one that works.

Otherwise, you may try getting support from the place you purchased the board.

I've the same problem with an Olimexino-328 and after many research on the net I've not find the topic yet !
I'm waiting a post from Olimex, may be !

What board type (under Tools->Boards menu) are you selecting in the Arduino IDE?
You may want to try Duemilanove or Diecimila setting.

I tried allmost all of them.

Contact who sold it to you or the place that actually made it. They know more about it than anyone here.