Millis help

I can’t seem to rap my head around this and I’ve used millis before. Lets say I need to flash an LED 5 times(500ms on, 1000ms off) every minute and have to use millis so I can run other things. Any pointers?


Any pointers?

BlinkWithoutDelay but change the period depending on whether the LED is being turned on or off. Count the transitions and stop after 5. Start the sequence again after a minute has elapsed (BWoD again)

Have you read Using millis() for timing. A beginners guide and Several things at the same time

Think about the full sequence of intervals:

  1. Off for 60 * 1000 -6500
  2. On for 500
  3. Off for 1000
  4. On for 500
  5. Off for 1000
  6. On for 500
  7. Off for 1000
  8. On for 500
  9. Off for 1000
  10. On for 500

Put that into an array and keep count of where you are up to.