Mimicing Somfy RF Controller

Hi All,

I tried searching through the forum & while there are many posts available - I got lost in details. :confused:

My objective:

  • Capture the commands of an existing Somfy remote
  • Use Arduino Uno to replicate/mimic those commands on specific triggers (e.g. light sensors)

Now - being a newbie, I am unsure where to start. I do have RF ASK 433.92MHz receiver/transmitter pair. But they somehow don't seem to be working - when I try the library examples of VirtualWire.

Could someone please help me get started?

Thanks in advance for your help & time.

What is a "Somfy remote" - have you a link to its datasheet?


Here is what I have (Somfy Telis 4 to be precise):

It’s a remote to control shutters (product page: http://www.somfy.co.in/products/1810631/telis4RTS)

Telis_4_RTS_Pure_1810631.pdf (589 KB)

That sheet tells you nothing about the sort of signal that is transmitted and I know nothing about those devices so I could not even hazard a guess.

Maybe (and maybe not) you could write an Arduino program to receive the data from the remote and tell you what is being transmitted.

Maybe someone else will come along with more useful advice.


My apologies for not being able to provide the right information. :( But I do appreciate your intention to help. Thanks so much.

webcoder: My apologies for not being able to provide the right information.

No apology needed. I was not complaining.