Mindwave Mobile x Arduino x Resolume


My name is Alex i’m a art student from Rotterdam i want to make a installation with the mindwave mobile and resolume/mapio edithor.

I’m working on a Windows PC, I already connect the mindwave mobile to my arduino and processing. but im not sure if its possible to also use Resolume for this project.

The idea is to use the attention waves of the mindwave mobile as inpout for my arduino/processing and visualize them to a video mapping.

For now the Attention is conectted to the opecity of a image.
If your attention is high u will see the image if the attention is low the image wil be transparent or gone.

What I want to try or to ask u if u know if its possible to connect attention the resolume and projection map the instalation with your attantion.

I will put the code below

Mindwave_Arduino_project_1.ino (9.29 KB)

eeg_naar_ocity_2.pde (1.86 KB)