Minebea steppers 23km-k112-p3v , 23km-k036-p10v

Building a CNC product & got requirement of approx. 8 kg-cm (running) stepper.

fortunately we found few "23km-k112-p3v" and "23km-k036-p10v" steppers in box named "10kg Hybrid/Unipolar Steppers" with no further info.

we've searched on net for their datasheets with no luck even at minebea official site.

does anyone know about these ??

we wanna make a circuit with mosfets and arduino to control these steppers.

Please share any data, links or documentation if available.

Thank You,

Seems like stepper torque is called out by Ncm (Newton centimeters), 1kg force = ~9.81 Newtons, so 8kgf-cm = 78.5Ncm.
Keep in mind, that may be holding torque, considerably greater than running torque which varies inversely with speed.
You really need a speed/torque graph of the motor curve.