Mini Car , Xbee , PS2 controller , Camera

Hi, i just finished a big part of my project , i can command my car with PS2 controller by Xbee Pro S2 .
This is the shema : Arduino Uno + Shield + Xbee + 2 Motors + Battery (Receiver) , Arduino Mega + Shield + Xbee + PS2 Controller .
The code work very well , and now i want to integrate a webcam camera to see the car from a far (i have to cut USB port of webcam and use TX,RX,Vcc,Gnd wires).
I think to connect camera to Arduino Uno , send data from TX and receive them on RX of Arduino Mega , then treat information with processing .
Can you help me for the code ?
I have a small idea :
byte img =; // On Arduino Uno
Serial.write(img); // Send data
byte img =; // On Arduino Mega with Processing
image(img,0,0); // Show video

I hope you will help me and thx :slight_smile:

You cant do that, the Arduino cannot handle video, it does not have the memory. The best thing you could do would be still frames, but even then you wouldn't be able to send them. Your only practical option for video is just to get a wifi webcam.

Well there is also a raspberry Pi + camera, but that's another story.

I can't stock in SD card ?
if yes how to proceed ?

Could you please post your code for the working car?