Mini CNC Arduino Mega 2560 + Shield Ramps 1.4

Mini CNN: Arduino mega 2560+ Shield Ramps 1.4 + Driver Drv8825.
Hi, Im new to this and this would be my first project with arduino.
I looked at some tutorials and wanted to do this. Imgur: The magic of the Internet.
all the tutorials I find are with other arduinos and I can't find a GRBL for the mega 2560.
I was able to test the motors with the pronterface and adjust the drivers so the motors don't heat them up so much it continues to do so but very little. the font i use is an atx.
but at this point without programs I could not print anything.

Gosh! The very first Google hit returned this: " An open source, embedded, high performance g-code-parser and CNC milling controller written in optimized C that will run on an Arduino Mega2560".

Srry, it may be because my first language is not English so there are no results in my native language.
Would you be so kind to share the link with me pls?

This is what I found.

There are very few ports of GRBL to the mega platform with most being quite old.
Most decent ports have gone to a different architecture ( STM etc.) where the MCU is part of the actual control board.

If you need to remain up to date then consider one of the newer boards.
If it just as an experiment you will be fine.

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