mini cnc

hi guys
i am building my first mini cnc machine with 2 dvd stepper motor and servo motor (for z-axis)
without usin cnc shield .the two steppers worked very well using universal gcod sender but i don't know how to use the servo motor and how to connect it.plz help

Servo motor? That's not a part number or link to a datasheet.

Please detail all the hardware and software you are talking about, don't force us to ask for details piece-by-piece please.

thank you sir
am using arduino uno 2a4988 +2dvd stepper motor +servo motor
universal gcod sender ;xloader;benbox

Try again, and detail all the hardware - part numbers, links to datasheets, "servo motor" could be
almost anything from a hobby servo to the high performance CNC servomotor using a proprietry driver.

servo motor(tower pro mg90s)
two a4988
two dvd stepper motor
arduino uno
i did control the two stepper motor for X AND Y AXIS it goes very well using universal gcod sender but for Z-axis i have the servo and i don't know how to control it with universal gcod sender or benbox


Tried, but failed.

Oh, hobby servo, not servomotor.... Servomotors for CNC are something else entirely.

Servo library is how to talk to hobby servos.

How, exactly, is the servo supposed to react to code for the Z-axis? In other words, tell us what you want it to do. What does it do now? Do you have the source code for the Arduino part of the CNC system?