Mini Maestro 18, and arduino HELP D: !

Hello, I need some info on how to use the Pololu Mini Maestro 18 Channel servo Controller, with the Arduino, because I want to build A self aware humanoid, but I have no real control over the servos, because the logic for the bot (Which is almost done :).) Needs to communicate via xBee, and I really only know how to do that with Arduino :I. All I really want to know firstly, is it possible to do the Mini Maestro and the Arduino Together to control a 16 DOF humanoid ?

here is the link for the servo controller

“The Mini Maestros are highly versatile (and compact) servo controllers and general-purpose I/O boards. They support three control methods: USB for direct connection to a computer, >>> TTL serial for use with embedded systems, <<< and internal scripting for self-contained, host controller-free applications. The channels can be configured as servo outputs for use with radio control (RC) servos or electronic speed controls (ESCs), as digital outputs, or as analog/digital inputs. The extremely precise, high-resolution servo pulses have a jitter of less than 200 ns, making these servo controllers well suited for high-performance applications such as robotics and animatronics, and built-in speed and acceleration control for each channel make it easy to achieve smooth, seamless movements without requiring the control source to constantly compute and stream intermediate position updates to the Mini Maestros. The Mini Maestros also feature configurable pulse rates from 1 to 333 Hz and can generate a wide range of pulses, allowing maximum responsiveness and range from modern servos. Units can be daisy-chained with additional Pololu servo and motor controllers on a single serial line.”

Looks like TTL serial is your tie-in.

ok, so now that I know that it works, can I get some sample code for this, or even just some explanation on how to code it ?

You need to do some reading here.

How you code it will depend on what you hook up & what you want it to do.

Ok I read it and I am totally lost, What I really need is just some sample code that makes a servo on the mini maestro move a little bit back and forth, and I need it narrated so I know how to adapt the code for my robot :) If you could do that I would be really grateful, because I am a noobie at this :I

You could try the pololu maestro forum. Get it working from the PC side, then transition those commands over to the arduino.