Mini Megadunio

Something I've been working on, still not complete but getting there..

96 pins, christ.

Dude that's a work of art!

Dude, you need to call that The Centipede Terminator.


Many Kudos points!

Wish I’d seen this before I made my own post ( Looks like you’re all but finished.

Are you planning to sell these or release the board files? Excepting the lack of a network port, you essentially have my ideal MEGA design right there…

Did you make any changes to the standard voltage regulation?

Again, kudos.

impressive if not stunning!


My first impression is that it isn't exactly "mini" - but that would be a great breadboard device for prototyping!

Very well done! Love the mini USB connector.

  • Can we see the PCB layout? (I just want to see how you dealt with all the traces)
  • Do you have a target price?


Great looking design.

Thanks everyone! I haven't decided how I will sell them as a kit, or assembled or just as a board. I am working on a through hole version so it's easier to assemble, though the SMDs aren't that bad and it's a lot neater.

Oh and it's not 96 pins, it's 80, two 40 pin headers on each side: 0-15 Analog (16) + 0-53 Digital I/O (54) + AREF (1) + 4 VCC pins (4)+ 5 GND pins (5) = 80 :)

ah yes, i severly miscounted, still a lot of pins

Pretty cool. What is the spacing between the header rows? Getting that down to .3" was a big concern for my design. If it's too wide, it makes it really hard to use a breadboard. Looks like about a .8", that would leave only 3 breadboard rows uncovered... unless you spanned it over a pair of power rails connecting two boards, then it would only cover one row.

Well I'm limited by the size of the chip, and with all the I/O of this I'd imagine you'd be putting it on a pretty good size breadboard. This could also be used in a final product situation where your sensors, switches, etc are soldered directly to the board instead of the pins.


Nice. Far better for Breadboarding than the monster Mega. Planning on selling these? if so, when and for how much?

ah yes, i will sell my children for that thing... well, maybe just one child, but great job, finally I can conserve some space and still use the MEGA!

Yes I do, but not sure how I will, if it will be board only, or as a kit. Assembly is going to be pretty hard as I'm only one person :D

I don't know how people feel about soldering the 1280 chip, it's a pretty small package. The rest of it is quite easy even for SMD since there is ample room and spacing.

I suspect that only a small minority on this forum would have the means and experiance to be able to solder the 1280 package to a board. It will not sell well unless avalible assembled. Possibly you could partner with one of the several Arduino Clone manufactures to let them assemble and sell them for you? You have a great product potential there.


That's what I think also, though I am by no means a professional solderer, only use a $35 soldering station, but I have become pretty good at drag soldering.

Flux is the key too many people leave that out of the equation.

I was working on a through hole version but again that still leaves the 2 ICs

I guess I could also solder only the 2 ICs as that doesn't take too long and the rest would have to be assembled.

We're looking at 40-50 a board with the 2 chips, would people still be up for buying at the price range?

The 1280 isn't very cheap compared to a 168 or 328, plus the FT232 also.