Mini not responding nor blinking

Hi! I have an arduino mini that seems dead: I cannot upload to it and the LED on pin 13 doesn't light up on power or reset. I tested my wiring connections with another mini and it was fine. So from there, do I conclude to my 1st mini death or is there some hope for a revival? Some tests that could point to the problem?



is this related to your other thread? Did you connect the power backwards at some point? Check to see that your power and GND connections are correct.


Hi! It's not related to my other post: different arduino mini. Proper connections. When trying to upload to it, the TX pin of the usb thingy light up once... and thats it. To measure if there's any pin activity, I'll try oscilloscope when i get my hands on one, until then, I'll pray for some voodoouino magik.