Mini Pci wirless

The other day I pulled apart my old dlink router and noticed a mini pci card inside. I was wondering if it was possible to conect it to the arduino?

Sorry if it is a stupid question but im only a newbie. So if it is impossible please let me know :)

it's not a stupid question - - but it depends on - - what kind of board you have found. search for specs publish them and see what happens ;)

I will publish them tomorrow. :)

According to a website about the router (Dlink DI-614) it is a Wireless TI ACX100 mini-pci and here are some other details:

Prodect Name: Wireless 22Mbps Mini PCI Card Model Name: GL2422MP-MT FCC ID: KA2ACX100

But I don't reckon the arduino can support the data rates of mini pci. Maybe when you start connecting you can slow it down to 1-2mbps?