Mini pipe organ

I would like to make a simple midi, mini pipe organ but the first thing I thought of was the price of the solenoids. I'm guessing I would need about 40 individually moving "plugs." Would there be a way to do this without paying $6 per solenoid?(The cheapest I've seen them). Variability would be very good to have but not entirely necessary.

Maybe an alternative to solenoids more specialized for large arrays?


If time is abundant you could visit a scrapheap to see what is in 'store' there.

can you post a link to those you found yet? (to get the specs)

Do you need different sizes, or one size fits all ? thats the one i found but only be searching for the cheapest... 3watts seems high since I would need to be able to activate quite a few at once.

Would these work? - Scotty