Mini-pro 3V3, RF69H, Radiohead 1.3 -- it doesn't work


Hopefully someone can help me.

I am currently trying to make a pair of RF69HW modules talk to each other. The modules are from and are 433MHz. I am using Arduino Pro-mini 3V3 8MHz units. The software is Radiohead 1.3.

When using the client example, the local oscillator of the module fires up in receive mode (I can measure this as about -80dBm using a Motorola test set). I can also change the frequency of the modules as the local oscillator frequency changes as well.

When I try to send a packet or even simply put the module into transmit, I get nothing. The local oscillator shuts down and then nothing.

uint8_t data[] = "Hello World!"; rf69.send(data, sizeof(data)); The local oscillator shuts down.

waitPacketSent(500); The local oscillator switches back on.


setModeTx(); delay(200); setModeRx(); This simply switches the local oscillator off for 200milliseconds and then back on again.

3 Arduino boards and 4 RF modules and none of them work - what am I doing wrong?