Mini Pro + RFM12 + JeeLabs -> How to configure SPI/

Just some information to other people that are trying to get two RFM12b’s up running.

After installing the JeeLabs software and running the RF12Demo I got the OK ack as described in my ealier post today. But I had some difficulties to figure out how to send data from one Arduino to the other with only one computer connected. Because of fustration I installed the LowPowerLab (Felix Rusu) · GitHub as the forum user oric_dan suggested yesterday. I then installed the example program SEND on one Arduino and RECEIVE on the other and BINGO, it just worked out of the box. I only had to configure the NODEID, NETWORKID and GATEWAY, but that was simple :slight_smile:

It was not possible for me to find this information elsewhere, so I hope someone can use his thread ?

BINGO is right, :-). That is honestly one of the few bits of 3rd party software I’ve had work correctly “right out of the box”. Most others I’ve had to debug to get it to work. Latest episode - with the ColorLCD I started using 2 days ago, the switches were all labelled wrong in the software, and also on the schematic, and the display wrote upsidedown - unless you want to hold your Arduino board with the Analog and Power headers on top. And so it goes.

Good luck.