Mini Pro with Atmega328 problem with port

Hi all, I am newbie in this field. Appreciate your help.

I had a code running on 168, I cannot run it on the Mini Pro with Atmega328.

Here comes some part of the code:

#define CDDR DDRC
#define CPIN PINC

#define KEY0 PC0
#define KEY1 PC1

char pinval[2] = {1<<KEY0,1<<KEY1};

void setup()

I tried this version too:

//char pinval[2] = {1<<KEY0,1<<KEY1};
void setup()
pinval[0] = 1<<KEY0;
pinval[1] = 1<<KEY1;

which is getting the same error msg

the error message is:
error: ‘PC0’ was not declared in this scope