Mini Reed Module

Hello everyone!

Im new to this forum and I have a quick question.

I have a vintage Sinclair C5 and have upgraded it with a full arduino system with the help of Link to the actual system: have bought a premade wiring board where you add an arduino nano to control the components. The Tx and Rx pins are used to comunicate with an Sainsmart Touchscreen and an Arduino mega 2560 on the top end control board to switch on components on the bottom end.

One of the components needed for this project is a mini reed module , to measure the current speed. I also need a second one, to measure if I am pedaling, to use the pedelec mode (needed in germany). I have accidentally only bought one module, instead of two. Now my question:

Can I use a single reed switch (when a magnet is attached, it is on) instead of buying a module from china and having to wait 5 weeks? I really want to use it on sunday and I am sick and tired of ordering parts from china. I have this type of reed switch:

I would really apprieciate your feedback on this topic and it would be great if I wouldnt need to reprogram anything, but I dont have a problem with sautering a resistor on it (I have loads). Thanks for your help!

Sincerely, Jonatan

Looks like the only thing the "module" adds is a resistor, probably a pull-up or pull-down resistor. Figure out which it is and add that to your circuit.