Mini shield to drive 4 brushed motors

Hey, I'm currently playing around with building my own quadrocopter based on a rp2040 connect, however I think this is also suitable for any nano based arduino.

I found this amazing shield which fits all my needs but it was discontinued like 9 years ago when I didn't even know what C programming is.

SparkFun Mini FET Shield

Does anyone know if there is some sort of similar product?

Basically I need to drive 4 brushed motors and I suck a soldering in tiny spaces :smiley:

Check out
They have specialists that will help you find specific parts.

Maybe this shield?

could not find anything useful (like a shield) on hobbyking.
Currently I'm trying my luck with a happymodel cf_bdb however I was unlucky and my shipped batch is broken :frowning:

are D1 mini shields compatible to the arduino nano?

Like physical dimensions? I'm not sure about the distance between the holes. But still usable if you solder several short wires and shield will works.

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