Mini thermal printer and Arduino MEGA 2560


I need thermal printer for my project and I am using Arduino MEGA 2560 R3. I know this question will sound really beeep, but..

Well I found one cheap thermal printer Mini thermal printer in Ebay, in items description there is stated that it will work fine with UNO, but it is not compatible with MEGA. I can't understand why would it work with UNO, but not with MEGA?

My guesses is there could be needed some minor modifications to pin assignments, cause UNO and MEGA have different locations for serial pins?!

Yes, I asked this question to ebay seller, but currently get no answer. I found similar printer in adafruit and sparkfun also have one. Are they all the same? Or the one in ebay is some copy-cat from adafruit's device?! Printer on Adafruit cost 3x more money(thany one in ebay) and I didn't see clear statement that one in Adafruit is compatible with my mega. But I would go for Adafruit if this is the only option.

Please give your thoughts/opinions on this topic. Thanks :)


I think that the "not Mega" hint applies to the libraries, not to the printer. A Mega has multiple hardware Serials, no need to use SoftwareSerial or NewSoftSerial libraries there.

All software solutions have their own problems, a Mega is always preferable when multiple Serial devices are required. Then edit the library code to use Serial1 or any other free Serial device.