Mini to PC via Serial

Is it possible to connect the mini to a PC using a serial cable instead of the mini usb? Do I just need to make a serial cable that connects to the rx/tx pins on the mini? Thanks,


The mini has TTL level signals, so you'll need a circuit to translate those to RS232 voltages and levels. This can be done with an integrated IC (e.g. MAX232, MAX233, etc) or with some transistors and passive components (see the serial arduino schematic for an example of that one).

You'll also have to supply power to the mini and (probably) to your level translation circuit.


Thanks for the info. Sounds like it would be easier to get the mini usb.



its not hard.. look there there is a good schematic for a TTL cable that can easily be adapted (socket end) fot ure needs :)

good luck :)