Mini VNH2SP30

Does anyone know much about the Mini VNH2SP30 . There isnt much in the form of setup, wiring diagrams, tutorials, videos or sketches.

Trying to control 1 dc motor with uno and Mini VNH2SP30. Need wiring diagram and sketch.
To enclude:
Counter clockwise

Any help would be great.

One google gave me

Read it

and for examples and drivers

You've got an internet connection - it took me 30 seconds....


Thanks for the info but thats for the monster shield that plugs right into the top of the uno.
I need wire diagram for the Mini 30 amp board with 1 dc motor and uno.

Im NOT using any sensors, encoder, pot etc. Just 1 uno, 1 dc 12v motor and Mini vnh2sp30 board.

I posted here because the Mini will drive motors up to 30 amps. There is tons of tutor video on the small boards like L298N on youtube but they can only handle motors up to 2 amps. Just thought someone here might have an easy to follow wiring diagram they could share.

The signals are the same, with the same names, except there is only one set for a single driver. Driving
will be the same, its the same chip.

Nice board! Where do they come from? I want 10.

It looks like it may even have a reasonable capacitor filter on the CS (current sense) pin. I don’t know about the thermals on the vias on the bottom layer. That looks like a mistake.

Thanks Mark.

I may still order the monster shield that stacks on top of the uno so it will elliminate jumpers for a cleaner look. I found and ordered the mini before seeing the monster.

I found it on ebay. Waiting for it to arrive. From what Ive read you can add a heat sink to the chip if you need to run close to the 30 amp range. I will be using it with a 12 volt wipermotor so I should be fine. Yes it has current sense built in.