Mini wearable camera project. Help!


I want to build a mini wearable camera to take photos and video and have it be controlled from a mobile app. At the moment I will use an open source app but in the future I would like to write my own mobile app to control the camera as well as display the images and video.

I am not too experienced with Arduino so could anyone suggest what boards/camera I would need to build this out? Obviously the main board would need to have bluetooth capabilities, built in USB and battery charging.

Suggestions on the best quality camera that is not too large in dimensions I would like to use something at least 8 megapixels? I want this project to be as small as possible in terms of dimensions.

Thanks so much!

That isn't going to fly with an Arduino. It doesn't have anywhere near the processing power needed to handle video.

Ever heard of GoPro? Probably the best quality in it's size with a consumer-level price tag, and controlled directly from your phone. Sounds exactly like what you're looking for.

Of course you could try and build one yourself. Arduino's are out, obviously. I have no idea what kind of microprocessor GoPro puts inside those cameras, or what kind of CCD for camera. But to get anywhere near the quality of GoPro you're going to spend a lot more in money, and heaps of time, than when just buying one of them. They can make them at that price and that build quality because they don't build just one.

Thanks for the response. I have an ultimate idea for why I want to build my own camera instead of buying a GoPro. I understand they are leading this industry but I am not building this camera just for personal use. There is a larger project I aim to create.

Perhaps a Raspberry Pi would be better for this project?

Maybe - maybe not. A Teensy or an ESP32 may be able to do the job as well. Without you telling what you really want to do, we can’t give any sensible suggestions.