mini(!) wireless burglar alarm and home automation (433mhz)

First of all: MANY THANKS to the whole arduino community in this forum for all the help i received. (and sorry for my terrible english :blush:)
Due i’ve searched a lot for an working “example” of an cheap network based wireless burglar alarm (without gsm).
So i decided to create my own one, an with much kind help from this forum, i’ve finally mangaged it to work for my needs.
And that’s why i decides to share with the community. Shure, it’s far away from perfect;
It it my first android project and so i’m not shure if i’ve done everything correct (forgot credits in sketch…), so plz don’t bother me for that.
ALL(!) the credits goes to the great people who have written the libraries thta i used.

Due lack of time (me two little girls goes first and take all of my free time), there’s no support atm.
If anyone makes changes or bugfixes, it would be great if this would posted here too;
So lets see, what others will get out of this startingpoint.

Shure, 433mhz is not relly “safe” for an burglar alarm, but i don’t thing, someone would protect a museum or once millions with an diy system. So why 433mhz…simple reason: it was the cheapest solution for my problem. actors and sensors are pretty cheap on ebay AND it is very uncommen frequency in my country.
Once more, it is FAR away form prefect, but it works for me for several month now (an protected my house twice well). Noone is forced to use it (for those, who like to critisice), but maybe, it is a good start for someones else project.

.) burglar alarm based on wireless (only) sensors (433mhz).
.) give acoustic alarm with piezo-buzzer
.) send Email on alert (using smtptogo as i could not manage to get gmail working direct)
.) swtich powerplugs and light on/off (timed and manually)
.) have a nice GUI as remotecontrol and for editing
.) dynamically adding sensors/actors without need of reflashing
.) no sd card used (due memory restrictions and preventing problems using sd card with ethernet)

tiles used:
Arduino MEGA (11€)
Ethernetshield ( 11€)
Heterodyne 433mhz OOP receiver (7€)
cheap 433mz transmitter (1€)
piezzo buzzer (90db) (2€)

some wireless powerplug (3 pcs. about 13€ including an remote control)
manby wireless door/window contact (4€)
few wireless motion sensors(15€)

how to build:
everything neccessary should be documented within the sketch.

MiniHomeautomationAlert_V16a_public.rar (16.9 KB)

Thank you for the contribution.

Because i’ve often downloaded a sketch and was unable to get it compiled due missing libraries that i coud not find anymore, i’ve decided to upload an repacked archive including all uses libraries to make it easier for newbies, as i am. :blush:

MiniHomeautomationAlert_V16a_public(repacked with libraries).rar (122 KB)