Mini05 power supply and reset

Hi to all. At the page the description about the power supply of it suggests: "Power. This can be a regulated +5V power source (e.g. from the +5V pin of the Mini USB Adapter or an Arduino NG) connected to the +5V pin of the Arduino Mini. Or, a +9V power source (e.g. a 9 volt battery) connected to the +9V pin of the Arduino Mini." and "Reset. Whenever this pin is connected to ground, the Arduino Mini resets. You can wire it to a pushbutton, or connect it to +5V to prevent the Arduino Mini from resetting (except when it loses power). If you leave the reset pin unconnected, the Arduino Mini will reset randomly."

If you open the schematic diagram you can verify there is a 10k between reset pin (U1) and +5V (input, strip connector).

------------------------MAKE ATTENTION----------------------------------------------------- If you follow the before guide descritption, in particular: - you feed Mini05 directly by external +5V power supply connected to the +5V strip pin (n.4), and - you push the "reset" on-board button (or an external reset button connected to the reset pin)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU DO A SHORT CIRCUIT ON YOUR +5V EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in my opinion, it is very important explain (and modify the web page) to NOT push the Reset button if you connect external +5V power supply at your Mini05

Thanks for attention and happy designing at all