Minimal Arduino?

Hi, does someone have a drawn pic or schematics of a minimum arduino system?
Besides, what IC should i use in Eagle to have an Atmel328 or 168?

Hard to get simpler than this:

Sparkfun library has the atmegas.

I was actually playing around with just this project to try and learn Eagle some. I followed the sparkfun tutorials, and the part is actually an atmega8 that I just renamed since the pinout is the same. The basic layout I used is from:

I just left off the power supply and reset switch.

Here’s what I came up with.

Page 5 of the RBBB PDF has a more complete schematic also:

2¢: The crystal and caps, or the resonator can be left out if you use the LilyPad bootloader and run at 8MHz.

Maybe this is a little too simple but I remember somebody starting a thread about a “cheapduino” a while ago…