MinimOSD problem


For an FPV system I am using a minimOSD. A minimOSD is just an arduino pro mini 328p 16mhz. Yesterday everything was working fine, but now nothing will upload via FTDI. (The not in synch message). The FTDI to usb is working fine (tested RX and TX). When I upload the digitalreadserial sketch onto it with my AVRISP MKII I get serial output, but the physicalpixel sketch doesn't work. Is it possible that the rx port is broken or something. I flashed the bootloader back after uploading the sketches with the programmer.

Thanks in advance,


So you uploaded the sketch using a programmer, which erased the bootloader? Then you uploaded the bootloader, which erased the sketch? And now you're wondering where the sketch is? It is not on the Pro Mini. :-0

After burning the bootloader back on I tried uploading something via the serial interface, but then I get the not in synch message.


Do you have anything connected to the Pro Mini other than the FTDI adapter when you try to upload? Is it the kind of FTDI adapter you plug directly onto the Pro Mini, or use wires to connect? I suppose you could upload a sketch via ICSP which tests receiving via serial, so you would know if both RX and TX are working. If you have another Pro Mini to compare with, that may help too.