MinimOSD with Arduino - Drone

hey guys,

Well, i am working on a project using apm2.8 ardupilot, and i need to make a live transmission video .. MinimOSD is the option ..

In my case, i need to edit the code of MinimOSD ( the arduino code )
While compiling the code in Arduino IDE, i get error.. it depends on the version of the arduino platform ..

For example, for the arduino version 1.6.7(latest version), i get an error in "FastSerial" library:
"error must include fastserial.h before the arduino serial driver is defined with minimosd"

I have tried several version of Arduino, they all had a compile error.
-The code is provided on Github:

-And the libraries are:

--> can you please let me know with wich version of Arduino this code should compile ? I am in very need for this code to compile because i need to make some modifications

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you are using apm2.8, then this code will not work. There is significant changes after 2.5. Far as I can see, this code was meant for apm2.2.

hey codlink, thank you for your reply .. do you know if there is any other version of this code? that works with apm/pixhawk ?

Its my universaty project to modify this code, and i am in a dead end :confused:

No I don't. But maybe someone will chime in and offer some advice. I have an apm 2.6 and there is only so many firmware versions I can use.