Minimum voltage to wakeup ATTINY13A

Hi guys. I wanted to know what is the minimum voltage required to wakeup ATTINY13A?


Wake from an interrupt pin ? I think it depends on VCC, related to these curves :

thanks for reply. yeah wake up from interrupt. I read the datasheet but did not find anything about wake up voltage.

Can anyone else help?

Please explain what you mean by "wake up voltage".

The processor requires a minimum of 1.8V to run.

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I mean the minimum voltage applied to the interrupt pin to wake up the attiny13a

That would be the same as the minimum voltage required to detect a logic HIGH on a digital input, which is given in the data sheet.

Interrupt on CHANGE or LOW requires the processor to detect both HIGH and LOW.

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thanks for reply. I want to waking up the attiny13a when a capacitor charged to 9 volts And I decide to do this with a voltage divider to reduce the output voltage of the capacitor by resistor. That's why I want to know what the minimum voltage to waking up the attiny.

Watch this.

However, this is the lowest voltage that is guaranteed to be recognized as Logic-High when this voltage is applied.
It is actually quite possible that the voltage recognized as Logic-High is lower than the value shown here.
Moreover, the value is not shown in the specifications because it is unstable.
If you want to make wake up voltage as precision, you need to use an external comparator.

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The value is shown in the link in post #2

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Yes, But this is a typical characteristics.
This value is not guaranteed for all production lots.
It is reference information and is not recommended for uses product design.
At design, Must be use guaranteed "minimum" or "maximum" values.
It is optimistic to use the values defined in "typical".
But, Of course it depends on the accuracy required by the OP...

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thanks for reply's, so the attiny can waking up by 1.8 volt at minimum. I will test and report the result

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