minimus driver

I've been given a minimus to try out, but their website has been down the last few days. Does anyone know how I can obtain and install driver for it?

That website doesn’t work. What is it ?

The device is arduino type of device, here is one for sale

The URL for downloading drivers etc is given as this

It is not an Arduino board, not even Arduino compatible.
I suggest to give it back, and get an Arduino board.
That website ( ) is still not working, but there some information captured by

I think I figured it out, the minimus can be used like arduino - as per details here
Home · pbrook/minimus-arduino Wiki · GitHub , but the default bootloader needs changing before it is compatible with their arduino IDE.

I took a look at that, but it is something for advanced Arduino users.
The limitations makes it almost useless (no I2C, no analog inputs).
It is not woth the trouble.