miniSWARM - Arduino + RF Mesh+ LiPo with bulit in range test and OTAU

The miniSWARM (Scalable Wireless Arduino Radio Module) is a new low-cost wireless Arduino development platform we're developing. We've crammed an ATmega128RFA1, USB connectivity, LiPo battery charger, chip antenna with a U.FL connector for an optional external antenna... all onto a USB stick-sized development board. It's fully Arduino compatible and we were able to dramatically drive the cost of wireless down by using the on-board 802.15.4 transceiver and the V-USB library for the bootloader/serial interface. On top of that we ported Atmel's new LightWeight Mesh stack to Arduino (more details in the Networking forum -,159324.0.html).

Please check out our campaign for more technical details and to see what the miniSWARM can do :-). Cheers!

Quick update: we made a demo aap showing how the miniSWARM can be connected to the web via a Wifi shield - check out the page for a video.

Only $50 for a pair of RF modules, each Arduino-compatible, is a very good deal.
I hope you guys reach your goal.