MiniUSB connecting to Parani / Promi ESD 100

Aloha, This Promi ESD 100 is still a fairly nice module it seems, only real catch is to purchase their dumb jigboards to get it running, or not? Is there anyone out there you configed the module using the FT232RL or more precise the ArduinoMiniUSB.

Was pointed to that possibility and since running out of cash was giving it a shot and NOW go mad about it. Did everything very much in accordance to the datasheet of the ESD 100 but with no sucess of connecting to the module. Did the two versions with/without Hardware Flowcontrol, pulled the TTLs down to 3.3V by different resistorbridges but get NO reply. Did anyone ever had any luck in configuring fresh out of the box, factory defaulted Promi ESDs with anything other than their damn expensive DevBoard.

Since I´m a bit far off, with only very little supply, pointing me to a version that works without any fancy TTL 3.3 level converters would be very very very appreciated. Thanks a million,