minumum current required for analog pin atmega328

hello, I have gone through the data sheet and searched the internet for an answer to this question. I'm monitoring voltage with a atmega 328 using a voltage divider circuit, and im wondering how much current the atmega needs to be able to pull from the circuit in order to still have an accurate reading?

I'm assuming its somewhere in the uA range? but I would like to know for sure.


The A/D converter does not require a lot of current, but the more current you can provide the faster the internal sample-and-hold can charge up and the more accurate the results.

This all translates to a maximum "output impedance" of your sensor (which, in your case, is a voltage divider). Atmel recommends no more than 10 kOhms for best accuracy. The parallel combination of your voltage divider resistors should not exceed 10k.

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Thank you, that is what i was basically looking for, sorry if it was in the manual i ether missed it or may of skimmed over it, i was looking for something like Imin = ....