Mirco to sensor to input

im building a Sim racing pedal set, i have a micro board connected to a sensor, i need a code that will allow me to have to pressure sent a signal to my pc through the usb to a analog input please respond and give me information or help me. i have a dirt bike mastercylender connected to a 300psi transducer/pressure sensor,how do i make it as a input controller(analog) i have the it reading the input in the ardiuno program just not in the game

Welcome hogan_lawson6! We would like to help you but without knowing what you have I have no idea if any of suggestions what would correct. Post links to technical information on all the hardware items including the micro board and sensor. Post what code you have, note the forum instructions on how to post it.I would suggest you watch a few tutorials on electronics. An analog input is a input you cannot send anything to it that it will output. You can configure its control registers.

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