MIrror's for downloading IDE ?

How can one become an (Official) mirror of the IDE?

The download site only has one link and when it is down or busy it sometimes fails. Having some mirrors would be nice.

E.g. I think at least in every country there will be one or more vendors with some MB to spare ...

(reported : - http://code.google.com/p/arduino/issues/detail?id=589&can=4 -

I second that, i have both bandwidth and storage space and will happily host a download mirror.

Just DO it then.

There already is a minuscule list of mirrors, but it is totally hidden in the playground.


Working on it! Only need to decide what domain to use for the mirror.

Thanks Noorman!

what about Arduino_mirror.no or Ardui.no ? or oniudrA?

I would also like to see more mirrors... but wouldn't torrents be a better solution?

Those are nice domains you mention Rob. But i cannot register one of those because i do not own a company. I was thinking about beginning a little IT elecronics firm on the side, an ardui.no is a cool name :-) It will be hosted on one of the domains i own or on that of my employer (a university college).

I will not support torrents and those sort of things. It will be http download only!