mis-wired LCD screen

I accidentally hooked +5v to the VSS/GND (pin 1) of my 16x2 LCD screen.


Now the screen won't work.

Is there anything I can do other than cry? :'(

A lot of components can withstand being hooked up backwards. Since you hooked up something wrong once, you could have something else miswired. Triple-check your connnections and hope you find something else miswired.

If not, :'( wait...


I also would suggest that you make absolutely certain it’s not just mis-wiring…

Perhaps in future buy your 16x2 LCDs from ebay too. I have purchased a few for £4 each including shipping and never had any problems. Then if you break one, it’s not the end of the world.


Try disconnecting the erroneous connection.

If the backlight still works you can use is as big led. Could be a nice reading light project ...