Miss call based door locking and unlocking.

Can anyone suggest me how to do miss call based door locking and unlocking system.

we could use an arduino to unlock your front door if the phone rings and no one answers. that way, if you miss a call, your door can be automatically unlocked

and then if you miss another call, it can automatically lock the door .

I am guessing that your question does not hold enough information to get the answer you seek.

based on what you did say, = arduino = sensor to detect call = locking device = unlocking device

use an Arduino, sense a call, detect if it is missed. when missed, unlock the door with the unlocking device

if you want to leave the door unlocked except when a call is missed, then lock it when a missed call happens then unlock it some time later,

sort of like this automated

To automatically open the door for your miss, you may need to use caller ID, and write an Android app that sends a signal (Bluetooth?) to your Arduino based door unlocker.