Miss NRF24l01 Data when install on rotating place

I have a question about NRF24l01. I setup NRF24l01 with Arduino and could getting well response but when i install NRF24l01 on place that rotating 8 rev/s and at the distance of 15 cm from the center of rotation, i missed data.... Does NRF24l01 fail at situation that has acceleration or constant velocity?
i confusing in a crazy manner :grinning: :grin: :art: :fearful:
any one know about this problem?
and how can i solve this? :sob:

It may be that at certain angles the nRF24 is in the worst possible position for the antenna to receive the signal. I have never tried a rotating system.

How far is the rotating nRF24 from the other nRF24?

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

Maximum distance between 2 NRF24L01 is 15 meter....
it's very wonder full when rotating speed have been reduced the NRF began to do well again !!!


My first guess would be loose connections that does not make contact when spinning.



My first guess would be loose connections that does not make contact when spinning.


Hi dear
It could possible, So do you have any suggestion about it?
If i use NRF24l01+PA with the range higher than my previous NRF24L01 module, Can i solve this problem?! or there is not relation between range of module and this problem?

I would not expect any problems over a 15 metre range if the antennas are oriented properly. How are the two antennas angled relative to each other when transmission is lost?

Another thought is that there may be an obstacle (maybe even the Arduino itself) in the signal path at some parts of the rotation.

A loose connection is certainly a possible explanation. The only solution to that is to check EVERY connection very carefully. If the fault always happens at the same angle that might help to identify the problem.

You have not posted your programs. How many retries does your nRF24 make before it gives up? Do you know if it is the message or the acknowledgement that is failing to get through?


If you are using the boards with the etched antennas on the boards, you may be encountering a null in the antenna pattern. If you are using the vertical SMA antennas, then This does not apply. Try turning the receiver 30 degrees and see if your problem goes away. Then 60 degrees, etc.