Missing account

My account disappeared. I am not sure what happened but I went to sign on and I no longer had an account. I haven't been on the forum for six months or so. Can anyone explain it to me. I would like to continue with my original account if I could. I opened this on just to get on so I could find out what happened.
Oh, my original account was StanK. I can still find my old posts on here.


There was a recent clear out of dormant accounts because they were slowing the system. I can't remember which Thread it was mentioned in. Maybe yours was one that went away.


This one?

Yes, That looks like it.


Is it possible to get my old account back with its posts?


What do you mean?

That account has 81 posts.

Well, I just wanted to have my posts associated with my original user name, StanK. I don't want to make extra work for anyone if this is problematic. I suppose that I could reopen the old account name. Then I would be a newbe again.


Check with webmaster@arduino.cc, we mod's can't do anything but ban users as far as I know.