Missing avr-gdb.exe - AVR Core 1.8.3 (included in IDE 1.8.13)

We have noticed in the latest AVR Core included with the 1.8.13 IDE, that the avr-gdb.exe is no longer included in the package, and have validated this in the ZIP file, from the package.json (in case of bad installation)

AVR GCC Tool Download

Should the avr-gdb.exe be obtained elsewhere for GDB Debugging, or should this have been included in the tools for this core?


  • Arduino IDE 1.8.13
  • AVR Core 1.8.3

Bug report for this on GitHub:

Worth subscribing to that issue as it likely has a better chance of getting an official response from Arduino’s developers.

A more relevant repository would have been this one:

It may hold the answer for the absense of this tool, but I didn’t spot any obvious answers after a quick browse.