missing binary operator before token "33" for arduino (3D printer)

I’d tried to solve the problem, but still have error, please help.
I opened (configuration.h), and selected: tools>board : Arduino mega 2560, processor: ATmega2560, programmer: window 10.
deleted (//) in front of (define REPRAP_DISCOUNT_SMART_CONTROLLER
I wanted to reset my 3D printer’s LCD display, because my old display damaged, just see some light, but cannot see the words, but changed to new LCD display, nothing I can see, and no light.
broad name: Makerbase model: MKS-GEN-L, the LCD display : RepRapD1scount Smart Controller (2004A).
stopped the bluetooth mouse, moved the original Ardiuno file inside (My documents), then run the problem.
I am using window 10 professional 64 bit, 3D printer name: i3, board: mks-gen-l, ramps1.4 2004A
i am the new user of 3D printer, and arduino, my english is not good, sorry, please help, thanks.

missing binary operator before token33.txt (881 KB)