Missing data bt communication

I will try your suggestion but I willl find interesting solution :slight_smile: adding a space in front of the data:))))
8:55:44.041 -> 12345
18:55:48.883 -> 12345
18:55:53.199 -> 12345
18:55:57.373 -> 12345
18:56:00.840 -> 12345
18:56:03.847 -> 12345
18:56:08.009 -> 12345
18:56:10.835 -> 12345
18:56:14.988 -> 12345
18:56:19.808 -> 12345
18:56:23.661 -> 12345
18:56:26.778 -> 12345
18:56:30.813 -> 12345

Seems like a lot of effort and workarounds, to make use of a problematic language feature that no one really needs.


You are the only person who needs to do this. There is either something wrong with software serial at 38400 or with the giumig app or with your HC05 module.

No one using Kai Morich's Serial Bluetooth Terminal app and 9600 baud software serial between the HC05 and the Arduino has reported this problem on the forum.

One thing to try if you need to work at 38400 or can't reconfigure the HC05 is to download your program to the Arduino, and then connect the HC05 to the hardware serial pins 0 an 1. Be certain to connect module RX to Arduino TX and module TX to Arduino RX. What you send from the phone should be passed to the Serial monitor, but you will not be able to send data from the monitor, only from the phone.

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thank you , boudrate mismatch, all data get and send complete, but I have another problem now, I receive data after a few tries from mobile,

It is nice to know that I am not the only one that thinks that way.