Missing image on the Standalone Arduino page

Hey, the image that used to appear on the Standalone Ardunio page in the playground (http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Learning/Standalone) is missing. It looks like the image file that was being hosted has disappeared. The text references the image so it kind of needs to be fixed. It seems like it would be much better to have the image hosted on the arduino.cc server so this doesn't happen again in the future - how can we make that happen?

I have a copy of the image that I had saved on my computer a long time ago. If worse comes to worst, I'll host it and change the link but again.. seems like it would be better on the actual arduino.cc server to avoid probs in the future.


You should be able to use the Attach:image.jpg feature of PmWiki and then click the resulting link in the page to upload the image.