Missing Library in Arduino Cloud Editor

Hi, Just a couple days I was using the Arduino Cloud Editor and I noticed that the Original WiFiNINA Library was gone. Can anyone tell me what happened to it?

Hi @andrewcuse1. I notice that I don't see the library listed in Arduino Web Editor. However, I am able to use the library in my Arduino Web Editor sketches, no problem:

Using library wifinina_1_8_10 at version 1.8.10 in folder: /home/builder/opt/libraries/latest/wifinina_1_8_10

Are you experiencing the same thing I described?


Hey @andrewcuse1, thank you for reporting this issue with the libraries on the Cloud Editor!

As @pert noticed, the library was available for compilation, but it wasn't showing up in the search bar. This was due to an issue with the library search. We deployed a fix to make it available again and planning other changes to make it better.

Please, let me know if the wifinina library is also back for you.

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Yes and Thank You.

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