Missing pages in documentation

Hi all

First let me say that i am new to arduino and i really like it.

it seems like a few pages is missing in the "Arduino Reference (extended)" section:

Variable Scope & Qualifiers volatile - page is missing const - page is missing PROGMEM - page is missing

Compound Operators &= (compound bitwise and) - page is missing |= (compound bitwise or) - page is missing

Bitwise Operators port manipulation - page is missing

Math AVR math.h library - page is missing

I am using Arduino 0010.

Regards Benjamin


I assume you are talking about your local docs. The Arduino install script that downloaded the docs to local machines didn't download the items found only in extended docs I think - this is supposed to be fixed in 0011 with a new download script a user helpfully wrote.

Also some pages have been eliminated or moved. Basically there are two people that work on docs of whom I am one. The final decisions get made by David Mellis and we sometimes disagree about how and where things will be documented, so sometimes docs are around for a awhile and then get moved or eliminated.

Paul Badger