Missing reply options

There is an interesting thread in the Project Guidance section:

.... but for some odd reason the usual options for replying, quoting, or posting anything new in this thread seem to be missing. Anyone know why? I've tried two different browsers and see the same thing in each.


Maybe it's you?. All looks normal to me.
Are you perhaps not logged in? That might limit things also.

There is a bug with the Arduino website where when you visit certain random pages it will not recognize you as logged in. For me, if I click the "Log in" button at the top right of the website, it will then recognize me as logged in without needing to redundantly go through the sign in process and I will then be able to use the forum normally.

There are several posts discussing this type of bug in the "Website and Forum" board:

This one seems interesting because Koepel contacted Arduino support about it and then reported on the findings:

That is all very interesting. I have seen this happen before, and clicking the "sign in" button usually solves the problem. But not in this particular case.

FWIW, I've also seen several of the issues that Koepel mentioned. They are sporadic and seemingly random.

Having just now re-loaded the page of my original question, it now appears normal, with a bunch of new responses. So in some manner the issue has been resolved.

Thanks for the responses.

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